Friday, December 31, 2010

$2 Bill National Parks Scam!

The "New England Mint" as well as other questionable collector's item sellers are rolling out a new scam to separate the gullible from their money. They're taking one of the new $2 National Parks comemorative bills, colorizing it, and including a cheap frame for $10 + $5.95 P&H. Now it's bad enough they're charging poor fools $16 for a defaced $2 bill, but unfortunately the bad news doesn't stop there. The BBB (Better Business Bureau) has rated the New England Mint as an "F' due to scores of unresolved consumer complaints. The customer gripes range from a deceptive website that doesn't give you a final cost until the order has been submitted, to fraudulent charges levied on credit cards for products not ordered by the customer. Ripoff victims buying New England Mint products have also reported being repeatedly called and subjected to high pressure sales tactics. To make matters even worse, Customer Service has been described as rude, lying, and unscrupulous.

Avoid buying this faux collectible for the reasons already mentioned above, but mostly because it's a crappy investment that will NEVER APPRECIATE IN VALUE!

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  1. There is NO SUCH THING as a "$2 National Parks Commemorative bill" in the first place. These crooks are using regular issue $2 bills (Still being printed by the BEP and available at most any bank) and overprinting a bunch of color graphics.

  2. absolutely right....lets get a cheap laser printer and make a fortune selling 2 bux and some change for framing and bogus COA for almost 500% profit