Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Country, Right or Wrong!

I have always approved of the sentiment embodied by the quote, "my country, right or wrong"! I know some people view the saying as a jingoist, extreme right-wing sentiment mindlessly rubber stamping any and all actions by one's country. However, I think it instead expresses rather an old-fashioned loyalty that recognizes the value of standing up for what you believe in or belong to, even when the fickle winds of fashion and politics begin to blow in a contrary direction. Finding support from a friend or ally is always easy when you're firmly in the majority and the "right". Heck, folks will line up around the block to fly the colors when the "home team" is popular and having a winning season.

The true test of man and his character, though, comes when he's asked to stand with his family, friends, or countrymen when the odds are decidedly not in their favor, and the world has roundly condemned their cause as most certainly in the "wrong".