Monday, December 6, 2010

How to be Prepared for Hyperinflation!

You're part of the 1% of Americans who have the vision to see that hyperinflation is coming to America, most likely within the next few years. Believe me, you've already taken the most important step which any twelve stepper would second - you agree the US HAS A PROBLEM! Our country has become a SPEND-A-HOLIC!

The next steps you take could mean the difference literally between life and death for you and your family. My recommendations are as follows:

Firstly, take stock of your financial situation. What monies do you have available that you can put towards preparation. Include any non-precious metals collectibles you own (stamps, numismatic coins valuable due to rarity or condition, antique items, baseball cards, old comics etc.,). How much could you get for them if you sold them on eBay? Be realistic, please. Remember most collectibles took a serious value hit during the present recession. Sell these items ASAP. During hyperinflation the masses can't afford to eat properly. History tells us that during times of extreme national stress like economic collapse, items not related to basic survival revert to their inherent worth...nothing! Owning the first Superman comic book ever printed is cool, but a starving man won't trade a sandwich and a glass of clean water for it when the SHTF ( hits the fan).

Secondly, divide the money into two groups on a 50-50% basis. Half the money should go for food & water, fuel, medicine, and self defense. The other half should go towards the purchase of junk silver coins (pre-1965 US dimes, quarters, and halves) and American Silver Eagles.

Long term storable survival foods like MRE's (meals ready to eat) and freeze dried foods made by Mountain House are the best. I like the MREdepot for Class C MRE's and you can find more info here on Mountain House foods. Water is the most important item of all, and it is very difficult to stock adequately. If you have a well, make sure you can still draw water if the electricity is out. Wilderness water filters and purification tablets are good to have as well. Camping fuels can be stored easily for cooking purposes. Keep over-the-counter pain killer pills well stocked, and web chatter says fish antibiotics are made by the same companies that make human antibiotics. I really can't say about this last point - but always obey the law. The defense part of the equation is necessary to defend your family should lawlessness breakout as prices soar and food becomes harder to get. A good selection of rifles, shotguns, and Glock pistols that you can shoot along with a healthy ammo supply is best.

Lastly, your remaining 50% should be spent building up a supply of silver for trading purposes. Both silver and gold have been used as money for 5000 years. In previous national hyperinflation experiences these precious metals have allowed owners to preserve their standard of living while others starved and froze. If you have a large amount of funds available for this purpose, you might want to buy American Gold Eagle one tenth of an ounce gold coins as well as silver. Keep the gold and silver in a safe and/or hidden away where you can get at them. Safe deposit boxes won't do you any good if the banks are closed by government mandate.

The above information is just the Reader's Digest version of what you need to know. See my other blog articles for more information and do your due diligence.

Time is running out fast! Hyperinflation seems unavoidable as fiat paper money is being printed as fast as the US presses can run. To protect your wealth and your family, buy gold and silver now from these top companies, APMEX Gold and Silver and Silver American Eagles.



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