Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hyperinflation in the Future!

In 1910 the average unskilled worker could expect to earn about one silver dollar per day. He was expected to support himself and his family on this daily wage. Doesn't seem like much today, but it was enough to buy the food and fuel needed to keep going and even set a little aside each week.

How much would a US worker need to earn each day in 2010 to pay the bills to heep pace with his ancestor? Even more interesting, given the same rate of inflation, if not hyperinflation, how much will it cost our future children in 100 years just to get by?

1910 - $1.00 wage earned per day (unskilled work)
2010 -$103.00
2110 -$10,600

1910 - $0.05 candy or chewing gum
2010 - $1.22
2110 - $28.00

1910 - $0.165 gallon milk
2010 - $3.85
2110 - $89.70

1910 - $0.125 one gallon of gas
2010 - $3.00
2110 - $73.00

Voltaire (1694-1778) “Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value ---- zero.”

Time is running out fast! Hyperinflation seems unavoidable as fiat paper money is being printed as fast as the US presses can run. To protect your wealth and your family, buy gold and silver now from these top companies, APMEX Gold and Silver and Silver American Eagles. CPI and Wage calculators were used to compute the prices above.



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