Sunday, December 26, 2010

Paper Money Slaves

Since the US government dumped the gold standard in 1933 and the silver standard in 1964, it has consistently colluded with big banking interests to contain the prices of these two precious metals. Why?

Well, one easy answer is that high silver and gold prices in dollars makes the US dollar look anemic and highlights economic weakness. Higher interest rates usually follow as well, and when you owe the trillions the US owes that's just plain bad news.

However, I think the real reason the US has promoted fiat paper money over the better part of a century is due to a more sinister reason. The banking cartels and the super wealthy who are the puppet-masters behind our alleged democracy like the fiat money system for the power, wealth, and control it affords them. Gold and silver gives any citizenry economic and therefore ultimate political independence as these metals have been used in commerce for over 5000 years all around the world. They can't be easily created on demand merely by the command of the Powers-That-Be as paper money can and does. When a man owns gold and silver coins he isn't dependent on any government or economic regime for his life and well-being. If he doesn't like the men governing him he can throw them out or move elsewhere, knowing his fortune will be intact. Unfortunately, paper money is printed and "backed" only by the issuing governmental body. History is littered with examples of worthless paper money and impoverished inhabitants following a political collapse or revolution.

Today, 99% of all US citizens have the majority of their assets in paper dollar denominated funds. In addition, they have come to depend upon the promise of governmental programs like Social Security and Medicare for their old age retirement. New health legislation has introduced the specter of a future in which no government health card would mean no healthcare. Of course, welfare and food stamp programs continue to grow without pause.

I believe that our fiat money system, together with the bewilderingly wide variety of government sponsored entitlement programs, have carefully created an entire slave caste in our country that's growing steadily. These slaves are now so hooked into the "Matrix" that even the mere thought of rebellion is terrifying to them. Any future US government will be able to treat it's "dependents" in any way it sees fit with no fear of retaliation. After all, why would any sane person rebel if it meant starvation, utter impoverishment, sickness, and death for himself and his loved ones?

So how can a freedom-minded patriot help to insure his liberty now and in the foreseeable future? Buy gold and silver. These precious metals have always existed outside the total control of any political regime, including the US government, and will insure the USA will always own one less slave!

Time is running out fast! Hyperinflation seems unavoidable as fiat paper money is being printed as fast as the US presses can run. To protect your wealth and your family, buy gold and silver now from these top companies (below):



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