Monday, June 21, 2010

Flying Money

Around 800 AD, The Chinese Tang dynasty invented the first paper money. China was a big country, and the rulers of China didn't like the idea of having to transfer all that heavy gold and silver around on a constant basis. The money certificates were exchangeable by merchants for the stated amount of precious metals in any city in the Empire. This remarkable innovation in trade was nicknamed "flying money" by the Chinese merchants, due to the frequent problem with the valuable paper blowing away on the slightest breeze!

A couple hundred years later the Song, Chin, and Mongol rulers began to use paper currency throughout China. By 1309 AD, the currency called the Yuan, had depreciated 1000%. Often the government would refuse to exchange the old money for new as the old became battered and useless. By the end, the great innovation that so impressed Marco Polo had ceased to have any connection to gold or silver, and reverted to it's inherent worth...nothing!

Every paper currency that followed in Europe, America, and around the world has either collapsed or become substantially devalued. In 1950, a US silver dollar bought 4 gallons of gas. It would do the same today due to its silver content if you sold it for US paper dollars. A paper dollar saved from 1950, however, wouldn't even buy half a gallon of gas at your local pump. That, my friends, is inflation and currency devaluation. Please keep in mind as well, that this loss of buying power occurred during the period of time where the USA was the Mightiest nation on Earth!

Is worthlessness the inevitable future for the US Dollar? In a word, yes. It's purely a matter of time. Perhaps it will be a matter of days, months, or years, but it will eventually become WORTHLESS. The process of paper currency devaluation is like an hourglass with an elastic neck, the sand will continue to slip away, only the rate at which it falls is open for debate.

There are a few truisms in historical economics. Governments will always seek to debase currency because it allows them to spend without raising taxes (which everyone who votes generally hates). Think about that for a moment. If you had a printing press and could print your own money seemingly without a reckoning, wouldn't you print away 24/7? When the government gets print-happy, however, the money supply soars leaving manufactured products & supplies in the dust. Too much money chasing too few goods means inflation, or worse, hyperinflation.

Buy 90% "junk" silver coins, American Silver or Gold Eagles now and prevent your money from FLYING AWAY!

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Why I Hate the War...Nickel!

Why I Hate the War Nickel...let me count the ways!

1. APMEX wants to charge me $21 to buy 20 of you, but will pay me only $16 if I want to sell them back! That kind of depreciation makes me want to drive an expensive sportscar off a dealership lot as a superior investment!

2. You're the ugliest coin on the planet!

3. You perpetuate the stereotype that a nickel might be worth something!

4. You're made from 56% copper, 35% silver and 9% manganese. What the heck is manganese?

5. OK. You helped beat the Nazis and the Japanese by giving up your nickel content for the war effort. But, what have you done lately for the US?

6. People talk about your silver melt price. What crap! No refinery would have them even though it is currently legal to melt these silver nickels! The extra energy costs because of the strange alloy means refineries would rather have 90%, 80%, or even 40% coins any day before touching the old war nickel.

7. Some 1942 nickels have silver in them and some don't! What?! No, I don't want to look at the reverse and look for the extra big mint mark above Jeff's Monticello!

8. Did I mention you're ugly...and your Momma is fat?!

9. & 10. This one is worth two because it irritates me soooo much. I can't tell you how many times I've read some post on a survival site about some knucklehead who got himself a real deal way below the spot silver price by purchasing these coin abominations. Look cheese-head, you get what you pay for! Heck, they should've been paying you to hall these ugly sons of an unknown father and a morally lax mother away to the nearest landfill!

The War Nickel has, and always will, occupy the lowest rung of the silver coin ladder. In a real apocalyptic emergency you will NEVER convince a non-collector that these blackish coins have silver in them. Besides, they're called...a NICKEL! Most people think they have...NICKEL in them!

My advice? Open up your wallet and buy some 90% junk silver dimes, quarters, halves, dated pre-1965 in the USA, and you might actually be able to trade in the future.

Time is running out fast! Hyperinflation seems unavoidable as fiat paper money is being printed as fast as the US presses can run. To protect your wealth and your family, buy gold and silver now from these top companies, APMEX Gold and Silver and Silver American Eagles.


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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Tragedy of Runaway Shopping Carts!

Growing up as a boy in a small town in the 60's, I took a lot for granted. Firstly, that when food shoppers were done with their carts they would walk them back to the storefront to make it easier for the next shopper, and to help prevent the dangers to the cars of fellow shoppers from "runaway cart syndrome". The walk was a long one for my short legs, but it never occurred to me to questions my mother's instructions concerning it's return. After all, I didn't want my neighbor's cars dented by mischievous, rogue carts cruising the parking area willy nilly like some territorial pack of predatory Great White Sharks. I didn't expect any praise for properly returning the carts, as it was just a "common courtesy" as my mother put it. Like saying "God Bless You," to a nearby sneezer. Besides, all our other neighbors put the carts in their places just as reliably as we did. Even the infirm and slow-motion moving older folks.

Unfortunately, I went food shopping with Wendy, my wife, yesterday when I beheld a horrifyingly gruesome sight. In the parking lot of the Southern NJ ACME there was a veritable feeding frenzy of predatory carts attacking the helpless cars left behind by their food-seeking masters. I wondered what kind of people were self-centered enough just to discard their steel behemoths once their personal groceries were loaded, regardless of the risk to life & limb of the property of their neighbors.

I came to the conclusion that it was the same self-centered so and so's who weave in and out of traffic like demented sidewinder snakes. You can add to the group the speed demons who roar through residential areas playing loud Gangsta Rap or Rock. Line cutters of all descriptions...and the owners of Humvees (sorry, but anyone driving a vehicle designed to invade desert countries has...issues). These and many other examples of our devolving society may be spelling the end of our civilization as we have known it.

A community is, or at least should be, more than just a bunch of houses packed in a tightly defined space. It should be a group of city members, state residents, and Americans who realize that we're all in this together. To forget or ignore this crucial element lies chaos, societal disintegration...and the madness of the rogue cart!


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Silver After the Apocalypse

So, the Apocalypse is finally over and things have settled down. The last of the brain-eating zombie packs have been put down, and local law enforcement has been restored. Now what do you use for trading? Chickens, unschucked corn, bales of hay? No, those commodities are bulky, a royal pain. and just not practical. Instead, let's try silver and gold.

Silver & gold have been a medium of currency used in trading societies for 6000 years. The types you're most likely to see coin-wise are the following: Pre-1965 US dimes, quarters, halves, and dollars, American Silver Eagles, and weird, alien items called silver rounds.

Most Americans are blissfully unaware about the state of decay of their once great coinage. After a return to a more primitive trading state, you're going to have to educate your new trading partners. If you follow my primer it will be easy. Just say, "look, Sparky. All US dimes, quarters, halves, and dollars minted before 1965 are 90% silver. Anything else is crap (yes, I'm aware of the Kennedy clads and war nickels...and I hold to my statement). American Silver Eagles (ASE's) have Lady Liberty on front, and the Seal of the USA on the reverse. More importantly, they say on the back 1 oz Fine Silver - One Dollar. They were certified and minted by the US government and are and will in the future be reliable trade coins.

Silver rounds I saved for last. To be fair they contain one troy ounce of silver as well as the ASE's. However, my problem is that they are minted from a wide variety of private companies you're ernstwhile trading buddy has probably never heard of, and there are literally hundreds of versions of these things. Heck, I saw one with freaking Santa Claus on it! Are they serious? How in the heck are you going to convince some poor, uneducated slob that he should substitute "In God We Trust" with jolly old Saint Nick?!

Time is running out fast! Hyperinflation seems unavoidable as fiat paper money is being printed as fast as the US presses can run. To protect your wealth and your family, buy gold and silver now from these top companies, APMEX Gold and Silver and Silver American Eagles.


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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fiat Money: The Monopoly Game of Life

Playing Monopoly was a favorite activity on rainy days with my brother Mike and sister Nancy. It was a sublimely magical game, especially for me, because it allowed a middle class kid to become instantly transformed into a real estate tycoon. One minute I'm foraging around for a quarter to buy some candy or a comic, and the next minute I'm buying up properties in Atlantic City like I was Donald Trump on a bender! What made possible my sudden climb from small city kid to rich landed gentry? Paper or fiat money. The game was jam packed with it...and it was all-to-easily acquired. I never thought for a moment about who printed up the money and just why it could be used to purchase real estate, a way out of jail, utilities, railroads, pay taxes etc. I don't recall questioning if it was "backed" by any real items of value, but everyone else playing the game accepted it's worth, so who was I to make waves? Besides, it was just the one of the rules of the game, right? Now that I'm an adult, I know that our Federal government is the "man behind the screen" that plays the part of the mysterious money printer. The definition of fiat money is according to
Money which has no intrinsic value and cannot be redeemed for specie or any commodity, but is made legal tender through government decree. All modern paper currencies are fiat money, as are most modern coins. The value of fiat money depends on the strength of the issuing country's economy. Inflation results when a government issues too much fiat money. Well, that definition about sums up the US paper money situation nicely, don't you think? It's funny money with no actual value of its own, other than the strength of the faltering US economy. Even the currently circulating "silver" pocket change falls under the same category since it's made from base, not precious metals any longer. The definition goes on ominously with a final warning about the risk of inflation if the issuing government prints too much fiat money. Inflation, of course, being the silent robber in the night who steals your hard earned money only to replace it with an identical, yet debased copy, that buys less goods and services than the original note.

To further illustrate the inherent inflation mechanism of fiat money, let's return to my Monopoly game. Once to spice the game up my siblings and I started the game with 3x as much starter money as the rules indicated. The result? We bought the same properties, but the bidding wars launched the real estate prices into the stratosphere. Even low rent properties like Baltic went for multiple times its stated value. Without realizing it, of course, we imitated the irresistable force of monetary inflation inherent in and unavoidably linked with the fiat money pantheon. At my family's last Thanksgiving I wanted to test the awareness level of the above basic economic truths (yes, I'm available for parties). A short conversation with my usually very intelligent brother-in-law, Bill, confirmed the consensus in the room. He thought the dollar was backed by gold in Fort Knox (nope), and that today's coins still contained silver (nope again, they haven't since 1964). I believe a countrywide survey would show the vast majority of Americans have similar misconceptions about the real value of their negotiable currency. The current American debt is now a whopping $13 Trillion dollars, and will likely reach 19 Trillion in 2015. The money supply in the US has also been growing alarmingly as the government seeks to stimulate the economy. By fiat money definition, inflation, and even hyperinflation, are axiomatic. The US Dollar is holding strong for the moment, because the world presently lacks another easy replacement to pay for their oil, etc. However, inevitable signs of serious inflation will undoubtedly undermine the confidence of Americans and foreigners alike in the US Dollar. Once that over man. Speaking of game over, guess how my siblings and I treated the Monopoly money once the game was finished, and we awoke to the fact that it was all just paper and therefore inherently worthless? We threw it in the box (no tidy denomination segregation) and chucked the whole kit and kaboodle into the closet. BUY PHYSICAL GOLD AND SILVER COINS OR ROUNDS NOW! Gold and silver have had value in human society for 5000 years! Let's see if the US Dollar will maintain it's value for a fraction as long. Time is running out fast! Hyperinflation seems unavoidable as fiat paper money is being printed as fast as the US presses can run. To protect your wealth and your family, buy gold and silver now from these top companies, APMEX Gold and Silver and Silver American Eagles. Rick Buy Gold Online Today at

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Global Warming: Cooking Up The Facts
I ran into a news story today that had it's genesis a few years back that is still pretty least in the minds of some people.

The scientists at the World Health Organization (WHO) and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, did a study in 2003 on Global Warming and it's alleged impact on the health of children in developing nations. The two paragraphs below summarize their scientific findings.

"We estimate that climate change may already be causing in the region of 160,000 deaths...a year," Professor Andrew Haines of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine told a climate change conference in Moscow.

"The disease burden caused by climate change could almost double by 2020," he added, even taking account of factors like improvements in health care. He said the estimates had not been previously published.

Wow, pretty frightening conclusions, right? Yes, it's terrifying to me that scientists are just pulling these numbers out of the most rarefied of airs without any scientifically quantifiable evidence. These paragons of scientific reason went on to claim that...most deaths would be in developing nations in Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia, which would be hardest hit by the spread of malnutrition, diarrhea and malaria in the wake of warmer temperatures, floods and droughts.

Did you get all that? It reads more like the Apocalypse of The Book of Revelations or the writings of Nostradamus than any scientific journal I've ever seen! In my high school science class my teacher taught me that in order for a thought or conjecture to take on the mantle of a scientific theory, it must be falsifiable. In other words, you have to provide me, the skeptic, with enough facts that you used to formulate your theory so that I have all the information I need to try to prove your theory wrong. It doesn't sound fair, but those are the rules. For instance, if you claim 160,000 children are already dying each year from diseases, malnutrition, hail storms, late night TV, meteorites etc., that are directly attributable to rising global temperatures, whether artificially caused or naturally occurring, you've got to provide me (and the world) with a pretty impressive amount of paperwork to back up such an extraordinary claim!

So, you may be wondering, just what proof did these men of science proffer to back up their 160,000 number. Nothing! Bupkiss! Zilch...well... you get it. You see these distinguished (or is it extinguished) men of learning say we can't wait for the facts to be properly compiled. We need to leap now into the void and do something before it's too late!

Funny, I tried the same sloppy approach when handing in my science lab report at the last minute as a teenage student. I just didn't have the time to do the experiment properly using a valid scientific method, but heck, I knew what the end result was supposed to be anyway! If I had waited to do the work the right way, the school might've already been closed and the lights out for the day. I had to act immediately, and scientific methods be damned!

I failed that lab report. I can still see the big red "F" on my paper, and the glowering look of disappointment and disgust on my science teacher, Mr. Arturo's face. He didn't accept my lazy approach to his class, and he gave me the poor grade I so richly deserved on the lab paper.

We should give the same treatment to these quacks as well!

I assure you, if Mr. Arturo had them in his class today they would be on the receiving end of some fearsome scowling!


Obama: Thug in Chief?

President Obama said he wanted to know "whose a** to kick" over the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, adding to the pressure on energy giant BP as it sought to capture more of the leak from its gushing well. Do you think his words crossed the bounds of good taste, or were they appropriate under the circumstances?

Personally, I think there are times or situations when "cussing" may be appropriate. Stubbing your toe on the way to the bathroom late at night is one. Getting your hand caught in a closing car door is another. While bestowing a beating on a guy you just caught crawling out of your wife's bedroom window after arriving home unexpectedly early from work - qualifies. Lastly, catching a vandal using a key to write Prez Obama's recent BP speech into the door of your car!

We all know he and the entire country is upset about the BP oil spill. It's a major catastrophe - no question. But is even this extreme situation adequate reason for the inheritor of the office of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln to curse like "a hood" in front of the nation and the world? Is it possible for the American mind to even dream of the wise and dignified General Washington threatening to "kick the a**" of the British? I have a fertile imagination, but even I can't conceive of the word "a**" being mentioned in Lincoln's Gettysburg Address. Can you?

If this "incident" is some carefully planned tactic to appear tough and in control, it's immature and reprehensible. If the "gutter-mouthing" was unplanned, I'm even more appalled. Because that means we've elected a man who is perhaps better suited for the title, "Thug in Chief"!



Monday, June 7, 2010

Who's Your Daddy? The Evils of Governmental Paternalism

Who's your Daddy? It's a funny saying / question with a genesis in the mid-20th century African-American culture. It does bring up a thought-provoking subject, however, in the early 21st century. Just who is our father (and mother)? The US Government or the people we call Mom and Dad?

Traditionally, the role of parents is to help you learn to make good decisions and protect you from yourself. This parental authority is largely moral, as are many of the decisions they assist you in making. If you violate the parental rules and regulations, a parent's recourse is limited (especially today). Groundings and extra chores are the typical punishments handed out. When you leave home and / or reach 18, you may chose to hold to what you were taught by Mom and Dad or not. Either way it's your choice. If you want to smoke cigarettes, do drugs, live in an unhealthy way, cuss, and watch late night TV, they simply lack any compulsory authority to dissuade you from these questionable choices. Your mom's nagging not withstanding.

The scene changes markedly, though, when the Federal and State governments begin to assume the mantle of parental moral authority. In the past, the Federal government's job was to protect us from foreign powers, and insure domestic security on a broad scale. The state's job was to maintain order, roads, commerce, and protect the citizens from one another through law, police enforcement etc. Another major difference in governmental authority over paternal is now and always has been in the province of punishment. Mom could send you to your room, but the government could send you "up the river" and forcibly seize your assets! Big, big difference to my mind. But, the government's role in the past was minimal, and if you didn't rob, rape, or kill your fellow state residents, and declined to invade the USA, you were pretty safe from jail. At any rate, no state legislature or President ever considered it their province to take over your father's job once you reached 18!

In the 21st century our government has now taken on a decidedly paternal aspect. Today, the state government feels the need to protect you from yourself by enforcing state seat belt and motorcycle helmet laws, the violation of which can lead to hefty fines. Now, my Dad taught me to always use safety belts, and I personally think they're an indispensable part of driving. But Dad never threatened to pull me over and forcibly take hundred of dollars from me if I ignored his advice!

The Federal government, in it's new role as my Mommy and Daddy, is telling me I'll soon have to buy health care that meets their standards, or else! Why? To protect me from myself, and making bad decisions. How much I drink, smoke, exercise, and maybe even cuss, is now their business because my taxes (otherwise known as the government's money) are on the line. Hefty fines (and maybe even imprisonment) await me if I act the "willful child" and fail to comply.

Fellow citizens, Tea Party members, and patriots of America, we need to loudly and clearly tell Obama and Company the following; "You're not our Daddy, dammit!"

Oh, no...I just cussed. I guess they'll be coming for me soon!


No Prouder Father on Earth!

This morning Alanna, my daughter, prepared to recite the daily pledge of allegiance at her high school. Three girls ignored the proceedings, and continued to talk amongst themselves near her place. Indignant, she exclaimed, "maybe some people would like to be quiet, or better yet continue their conversation in Iraq!"

For a blessed moment, the sound of idiotic chattering ceased.

A father just couldn't be any prouder.

Alanna will be a Biology Major at Drexel University in the fall.

(Beaming Dad)

Get Girly MJ off my Lady Liberty

The Garish and Girlish face of Michael Jackson superimposed over the lovely and historic Lady Liberty on the American Silver Eagle coin. Yes, this "product" is actually being sold right now, as the contents of my stomach struggle violently to be released! What cold-hearted, avarice-soaked monster would commit such an atrocity on an American treasure? I would heartily support any new law that would sentence such an vandal to a mandatory lifetime term without the possibility of parole for this vile crime (and I'm only a little kidding about this)!

So, what's next America? A figurine of the Statue of Liberty in streetwalker makeup? A poster of Uncle Sam in fishnet stockings and heels?

Ouch! Sorry for that last mental image. Besides, I don't think Sam's got the legs for it.

PS. I want everyone to know I kept it classy, and avoided the obvious jokes about the unlikely picture of MJ on top of any woman, lady or not. I even resisted with titanic moral strength the temptation to indicate that "he" might be more at home atop a Boy Scouts of America collectable.

Oh...wait. Never mind re classy claim.

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