Monday, January 3, 2011

SHTF Survival First Aid

Many accomplished survivalists are well prepared to defend themselves and their families with a variety of firearms and a cornucopia of ammunition. They also tend to have food, water, generators, and silver and gold for trading. However, one major area of survival is often neglected - Health/Medical/Dental/First Aid. This sector may often be ignored, but it's at least as important as self-defense and food.

I'd like to offer the following suggestions for your medical preparations:

  • Adventure Medical Kit - a good first aid kit is crucial. Unfortunately, many of the kits on the market today are composed of substandard materials with gaping holes in important first aid categories. My favorite manufacturer is Adventure Medical for quality contents at an affordable price. They also include a rugged, water-proof pack that's easy to transport.
  • Medical Info: The Adventure kit includes easy-to-use water-resistant First Aid instruction cards and A Comprehensive Guide to Wilderness & Travel Medicine. I recommend you purchase the SAS Survival Guide pocket guide. It's a complete survival guide with a good health section that's water-proof and fits in any pocket.
  • Add ons: Den-Tek Tootache Kit and CELOX First Aid Temporary Traumatic Wound Treatment. A toothache when no dentist is available can be extremely debilitating. The Den-Tek kit allows anyone to quickly supply a pain-killing temporary filling. The Celox wound treatment causes quick clotting of bleeding wounds to prevent excessive bloodloss.
  • Painkiller & Antibiotics - Over-the-counter painkillers like ibuprophen and Tylenol are must haves for any survival kit. Antibiotics can save a life in the case of a bacterial infection. If you have an understanding doctor you can get your prescriptions from him. If not, get some fish! The antibiotics in pet stores for fish are the same meds that are manufactured for human use. Buy The Pill Book to read more about what diseases each medication treats and recommended dosage regimes. Note: Never self-prescribe medication while there are doctors available to consult. Obey all State and Federal laws.
  • Red Cross First Aid Course - Take a first aid class from the Red Cross. A little knowledge will go a long way in saving lives when the SHTF!
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