Saturday, January 22, 2011

National Collector's Mint Fake 1877 Gold Piece!

The National Collector's Mint is hawking yet another worthless faux "collectible". This trinket is based on an extremely rare and valuable 1877 $50 gold piece weighing 2.5 ounces. Of course, the NC Mint's version is a base metal slug "lavishly covered" with 23 mg. of 24kt gold. If you do a little math you'll find 23 milligrams of gold is only worth $1.00 US dollar at present prices. I don't know about you, but I have a hard time calling $1.00 worth of gold "lavish"!

This cheap knockoff will set you back $19.95 + $6.00 for shipping. The words scam and ripoff just come to mind naturally when you consider the poor sheep they must be selling these cheap tokens to. Please, whatever you do, save your money and invest in real numismatic coins or genuine Silver American Eagles, the most popular silver bullion coin in the world!

Time is running out fast! Hyperinflation seems unavoidable as fiat paper money is being printed as fast as the US presses can run. To protect your wealth and your family, buy gold and silver now from these top companies, APMEX Gold and Silver and Silver American Eagles.



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