Friday, January 28, 2011

How Would You Invest $100,000?

How would you invest a $100,000 windfall? Well, if you're like the Chief Investment Officer of Sprott Asset Management you'd do the following:

"I would probably put 80% in precious metals, 10% in energy, and another 10% in agriculture, as well as special situations stocks. In the precious metals area, I would put at least 60% into something oriented toward silver. I think silver will appreciate on a percentage basis way more than gold over the next decade and trade back down to a gold-to-silver ratio of 16:1, where it has historically been. It’s something like 48:1 now. In the energy sector, I’d own some oil and gas and uranium stocks, while in agriculture, it would be potash and phosphate."

Time is running out fast! Hyperinflation seems unavoidable as fiat paper money is being printed as fast as the US presses can run. To protect your wealth and your family, buy gold and silver now from these top companies, APMEX Gold and Silver and Silver American Eagles.



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