Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Smug Liberals and Willful Ignorance!

This is my favorite picture of SMUG OBAMA. I think it typifies the arrogant, smug, condescending attitude that liberals enjoy inflicting upon anyone not sharing their worldview.

In the article below you'll find a great example of the same willful ignorance in the face of obvious dangers to the US Dollar and the very existence of our republic.

The article is short, but you'll find it replete with insults, mockery, and accusations of racism against anyone who hasn't drunk the Liberal KOOL-AID!

Have a nice day!

My comment is IN BOLD at the end.

(Following article by "Dick Destiny" aka George Smith)


Fiat money, Zimbabwe, Weimar = code

Posted in Extremism, Phlogiston at 9:00 am by George Smith
Quote of the day, from the Economist, referring a Paul Ryan claim about examples of old hyperinflated currencies being handed out:
And then finally, Mr Ryan said, America needs sound money. He told stories of traveling around Wisconsin and being handed pieces of currency from Weimar Germany and Zimbabwe, he remarked on how nothing was more insidious than inflation …
It’s rotten ol’ Tea Party fruit, the crop from years of Fox News’ hourly gold bug commercials, Glenn Beck and parades of experts. One in particular, whose name I forget, was fond of showing an example of some astronomically numbered Zimbabwe note.
He had turned it into a souvenir business.
The phrase “fiat money” is more code for the same thing. Here, a sample from Google — it’s all Ron Paul, goldbuggery, catastrophe, conspiracy and fear & loathing associated with quantitative easing. Another example, as if you needed one, of how Google results can easily be bombed into trash by the practices and world beliefs of a relatively small social class. (An it’s also an example of what story one uses to persuade people who aren’t such hot thinkers to vote for tax cuts for the super-rich and elimination of social programs and public school education.)
All Tea Party articles of faith, now firmly passed into the realm of fears associated with a life driven by superstitions. And it’s exclusively a baseball-capped or blobby disgraceful white man’s disease.
If you run across people like this — and I see the house of one of ‘em everyday when I cross the el Molino Street bridge on the way to Rick’s at lunch, a place with a big lawn sign advertising some kook AM radio host — it is best to cross to the opposite side of the street.
How do I know this? By-product of census work.
An even money bet is that the people who buy souvenir Weimar marks and Zimbabwe dollars also have Confederate and Gadsden flags to fly, too.
More code: Fair Tax, abolition of IRS, Bretton Woods, questions re “What do you think about a consumption tax?”

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  1. Rick said,
    May 11, 2011 at 4:39 pm
    Guess what the US Dollar, the ZIM Dollar, and Weimar marks have in common? Everything!
    Oh, wait. Unlike Zimbabwe and Weimar Germany, the USA has a balanced budget, no debt, and responsible politicians who don’t spend more for entitlement programs than we net in taxes.
    Never mind, our FIAT DOLLAR is safe!

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  1. Have followed your blog since the beginning of this year and the fella you commented on is only further proof that liberalism is a mental disorder. This fella lives up to the name of dick on his blog as he acts like one to anyone who has a brain. You have more logic in your postings here that being an engineering student appeals to me. Those who think logically will ride the tide to safety.

  2. Thanks for the comment! It's always nice to hear from someone who appreciates logical arguments rather than badly stitched together ideological rants.

  3. Sooner or later liberalism like most parasitic diseases must either run its course, the disorder be resolved and the sufferer recover; or the disease be so persistent that the hoist weakens and eventually dies. And herein lies the foundation of liberal irrationality: the denial of abject reality and its concomitant absence of what all sentient beings are supposed to have -- self-preservation. For a parasite is dependent upon a host for its sustenance, if the host dies, so too does the parasite. I suppose there is a certain morbid self-satisfaction in knowing that if they achieve their long standing purpose and destroy Western Civilization, they destroy themselves too, as it is only the Western cultures that are willing to tolerate such levels of adolescent self-indulgence and perennial parasitism. In this one finds a certain perverse respect for the Radical Communists and Islamic Jihadists, as their aim is also to destroy Western Civilization; but unlike the liberals they make no excuses for it; they are at war with us, are proud of it, and are willing to die for what they believe. The liberal on the other hand while achieving the same ends, are only vaguely aware of the harmfulness of their actions, and when popped in the head by a police baton for throwing a firebomb, endlessly whine and wail about how their rights are being violated. I suppose this is why the old hard-line Communists call them “useful idiots” and anticipate that at such time they’re able to take over and establish absolute Communist rule -- the liberals will be the first to be exterminated.