Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Return of Silver & Gold Money

Many voices of sanity like Ron Paul, a Congressman from Texas, are calling for a return to silver and gold money. Silver and gold coinage offers stability to economies afflicted by the overprinting of unbacked paper money and base metal coins. Money minted from precious metals have been used historically by humanity for over 5000 years. Such currency has long offered incentives to save rather than spend by dramatically limiting or even eliminating price inflation, and preserving buying power over long periods of time. "Real" money also forces governments to spend within their limits, since it's impossible to just print silver or gold to pay for expensive social programs without the fiscal necessity of raising taxes.

I believe the following steps would be effective in slowly re-introducing silver and gold coinage back into the money supply of the US:

  1. Begin minting a dime sized coin made from 90% silver and 10% copper. The coin must NOT have an assigned value to avoid the possibility of the raw material value of the coin exceeding it's worth as US currency. It was this circumstance that doomed our 90% silver coin program when the price of silver rose in the 1960's. Instead, this coin will have its value set on a regular schedule by the US government about 10-15% above the current price of silver. If the price of silver goes up, the posted value will likewise rise. However, if the price of silver falls the last quoted value will be preserved to maintain economic stability. The additional assigned value for the coin will avoid the market temptation to melt the coins as well as providing a profit or "seigniorage" to cover minting costs. Note: although the new silver coin will not have an assigned value indicated, the silver content in ounces should appear much as it does on the reverse of the American Silver Eagles to build consumer confidence and knowledge.
  2. Introduce the new silver coin into the current money supply, and allow it to circulate along with the current paper money and base metal coins. According to Gresham's Law, the bad paper money will drive out the good silver coin. In other words, the American people will begin to save the new silver coins rather than spend them. The same process can then be repeated with gold and even platinum coins. Eventually, we'll be able to remove billions of dollars of fiat money from circulation, while keeping inflation low or non-existent and fostering a new generation of savers for the future.
  3. The US government is gradually forced to balance the budget as the fiat money supply is slowly scrapped. The citizens of the US will eventually realize that nothing is free in life. "Free" programs like Universal Healthcare may sound great, but deferring the resulting monstrous bill for later generations to pay is not only shortsighted but unconscionable.

I expect that the Keynesians, Statists, Inflationists, and Big Banking interests will fight the above fiscal sanity plan tooth and nail. Banks in particular have made obscene profits by manipulating the fiat money supply and interest rates, sucking the wealth from the US worker and forcing him into a virtual slavery. Men like Benjamin Shalom Bernanke, Tim Geithner, and President Obama are unfortunately woefully mired in the failed policies and theories of the past. However, they must be forced by "any means necessary" to realize they've had their chance to experiment with our lives and our national well-being, and failed miserably. Now it's the turn of the sane citizens of the United States to return our country to it's former greatness before hyperinflation and a complete currency collapse devastates the once mighty US!

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