Friday, November 26, 2010

Dream Gold Mine or Nightmare?

In 1894, an angel allegedly appeared to an ordinary, unremarkable Mormon by the name of John Hyrum Koyle and guided him to a mountaintop on the outskirts of Salem, Utah. Inside the mountain the heavenly figure showed him nine vast caverns of gold. According to the story as imparted by the angel, this gold once belonged to an extinct tribe of ancient Americans, but was hidden away from them due to their greed by God. The angel further revealed to Koyle that this gold was to be discovered prior to the Second Coming of Christ, when it would serve to help the faithful survive the tribulations of the end times. Koyle purchased a claim here and began mining operations, selling stock to local faithful who believed in his vision. By the 1940s, however, no gold was forthcoming. Koyle was excommunicated by his Mormon church in 1948 and died a year later.

Koyle's dream turned into a nightmare for him and his foolish investors, but you can realize your own dreams of financial independence by buying real physical gold and silver now!

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