Monday, September 27, 2010

Is ET Messing With Our Nukes?

A group of retired US AIR FORCE officers and enlisted personnel have stepped forward today, September, 27, 2010, to announce UFO's have been monitoring and/or interfering with the American, British, and the nuke weapons of other countries! You can do a search in Google news for a variety of articles on the topic.

If this is occurring, I think the following motives could be possible:

Note: I disregard as unlikely the possibility that they just care about us for no selfish reason. I just don't buy the "guardian angel" hypothesis! I also don't think they're trying to set off the weapons either. If so, they're not very technically competent - yet they've managed to transverse great spans of space/time to get to Earth?!

My theories for ET nuclear weapon tinkering:

1. We're their experiment in genetics/evolution, and they're not ready to end the experiment prematurely (or allow us to destroy ourselves).

2. Earth is a precious life planet (which they may own), and they don't want it irradiated because it has plants/animals/resources/trade or military bases etc., that they don't want glowing as they need them.

3. They're us from the future, so they're monkeying with the past to stop us from destroying or negatively impacting their civilization in our future.

4. They're experimenting with deactivating the weapons as a prelude to invasion. Perhaps. However, I usually tend to discount the whole "Independence Day" theories as travelers with the tech to space/time travel would be at least as far ahead of us (and our weapons) as we would from the Australian Aborigine. It would just be too easy to hang out in cloaked space or behind the moon and design computer and/or biologically targeted viruses etc., and destroy us without we Terrans firing even one shot. I mean, how hard would it be for a flight of USAF jets to wipe out an unsuspecting primitive village without taking even one American casualty?

5. Nuclear weapons represent a threat to the time/space continuum and/or the magnetic field of the Earth that the Alien ships are reputed to use in navigation and propulsion.

What do you think?


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