Monday, June 7, 2010

Get Girly MJ off my Lady Liberty

The Garish and Girlish face of Michael Jackson superimposed over the lovely and historic Lady Liberty on the American Silver Eagle coin. Yes, this "product" is actually being sold right now, as the contents of my stomach struggle violently to be released! What cold-hearted, avarice-soaked monster would commit such an atrocity on an American treasure? I would heartily support any new law that would sentence such an vandal to a mandatory lifetime term without the possibility of parole for this vile crime (and I'm only a little kidding about this)!

So, what's next America? A figurine of the Statue of Liberty in streetwalker makeup? A poster of Uncle Sam in fishnet stockings and heels?

Ouch! Sorry for that last mental image. Besides, I don't think Sam's got the legs for it.

PS. I want everyone to know I kept it classy, and avoided the obvious jokes about the unlikely picture of MJ on top of any woman, lady or not. I even resisted with titanic moral strength the temptation to indicate that "he" might be more at home atop a Boy Scouts of America collectable.

Oh...wait. Never mind re classy claim.

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