Friday, November 16, 2012

Survival Emergency Food!

If you've ever thought about stockpiling some long-lasting good-tasting food for emergencies, I would recommend #10 Mountain House cans.

The #10 cans have a 30 year shelf life, and just need hot water to prepare. They're called #10 cans because they have 10 servings. If no one is working and just chilling inside, I agree. However, if you're out doing heavy labor all day, (filling sandbags, cutting down trees, and the like) you're talking more like 5 servings per can.

The secret to the excellent taste, texture, and 30-year shelf life is  the freeze drying process. The meals are dehydrated at -30 degrees F, then nitrogen is shot into the can - displacing the O2. The low temperature preserves the integrity of the hydration pathways, preventing mushy rehydrated food. The Nitrogen gas insures that bacteria can't grow.

No water + No O2 = No microbial growth.

Get dinner/lunch meals, fruit snacks, and breakfast items like eggs and bacon, and/or granola and milk. The key is to try to order a good variety of food so further stress of weird or bland foods is avoided. Alien foods handed out in an already stressful environment is not a good idea. Kids and adults have been known to stop eating and starve to death when confronted with unusual or the same food over & over. In Vietnam, US POW's would sometimes stop eating and starve to death because they couldn't bear to eat yet another bowl of rice!
That's why I wonder about the guys who buy large amounts of wheat or other grain as a cheap way to have lots of food in an emergency. Unless that's how they usually eat, they're headed for a problem!
See the link below to a vendor I've used a lot.

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  1. I cannot speak highly enough of Mountain House freeze-dried food. I'm only familiar with their products sold in vacuum sealed pouches. I've tried a variety of items. I checked the calories, nutritional information on the package, while considering the cost. Mountain House is the best option, I've decided. Also, MH food is MUCH better tasting than any of the 3 competitor products I tried (I won't mention names).

    I never knew they sold anything other than the pouches though! Thank you for writing this informative post. I am appreciative.