Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Pathetic, Willfully Ignorant, Anti-Gold Argument!

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I have reprinted the moronic article below, with my comments immediately following (in bold), to help illustrate the "mindset" of the average sheeple towards the sanity of precious metal investing. May God preserve us from these poor, trusting, ignorant sheep for whom the slaughter is soon to come! PS. Be patient. You have to read through their pathetic "attempt" at humor in the first part of the article.

Bed Bugs, Stink Bugs and Gold Bugs – What’s the difference?

October 22, 2010

Evidently Bugs are all the rage today. We have Bed Bugs Infesting New York City, we have Stink Bugs infesting Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and we have Gold Bugs infesting the entire country.

Let’s define Stink Bugs, Generally they look like this vile creature:

Stink Bugs infest your home, your car and your house. You can’t kill them because they let out a vile smell that is similar to having a skunk bomb your living room. So you have to vacuum them up, or do like what most residents of Pennsylvania do, use a tissue and pick up that thing and drop it in the toilet and flush it down.

These vile animals are not from America, they were imported by Toyota in the 1990′s from Japan, rumour has it that some car salesman in Allentown. PA opened up the Toyota to make a sale… saw those stink bugs sitting there… he killed one one of them… learned why they are called “stink bugs” and then proceeded to swoosh them off rather than killing them so the client didn’t see them (or smell them).

10 years later, the entire North East is infected with them as birds won’t even eat them due to the stench. Sounds like a terrible Zombie movie.

Let’s define Bed Bugs, Generally they look like this vile creature:

This isn’t a joke. Bed Bugs are vampires. Sink Bugs are terrible because they are highly annoying. Bed Bugs are terrible because they drink human blood. They sneak up on you in the middle of the night and feast on your blood. They live for a year without any food, but they do wait.. and wait they do until you sleep.. they smell the carbon dioxide from your breath and they flock to feast on your blood while you sleep.

They inject a small dosage of anaesthetic so you don’t feel the bite and wake up, then they eat you until they are full.

Wonderful beasts.

They used to be controlled via a pesticide called DDT but it’s been banned due to serious side effects. In other words that “cure” is worst than the Bed Bugs themselves.

Let’s define Gold Bugs, Generally they look like this vile creature:

This is the worst of the worst. Bed Bugs are vampires, stink bugs are skunks, but Gold Bugs… wow they are an amazing breed.

Many of them believe that the entire economic system is abound to collapse. They are in the process of buying Gold Coins, Guns and Ammo and building their bunker stocked with food clothing. They are storing Gold coins to barter when “cash becomes worthless and the economy collapses”.

They are stocking up on Guns and Ammo because they feel that “they are the only ones prepared for the eventual end of the world” And you can’t forget the daily candle night reading of the Bible.

These people are the definition of Gold Bugs. They do come in many forms. Some of “smarter ones” are “Silver Bugs” because they feel that Gold is too much currency to do daily trades. Others mass in other types of assets. But the strategy is the same, horde up because everyone will be coming to you for product X or Y because you’re the only guy in town with it.

The end result is that these people feel with a mix of hyperinflation, unemployment and total debt in the US it has nowhere to go but bad.

So there you have it people, the three major bugs in the media today, all on one article.

Enjoy the new reality.

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