Friday, August 27, 2010

How to ID a Junk Silver Coin

Finding out whether your US coin is 90% silver or not is easy.

1. The first test is to check the date. If your dime, quarter, or half dollar is dated prior to 1965 your coin is 90% silver.

2. Another test is check the reeded edges for the "copper/nickel sandwich". If you see a band of copper around your coin that means it's made of about 92% copper sandwiched in by 8% nickel. Be careful! You have a fake zombie coin on your hands!

On the other hand, if the reeded edges are all silver colored, then you're 90% silver and all good!

3. If you got good ears and a lot of patience, you can try the "ring test". A silver coin when hit makes a clear ringing sound, while base coins make more of a short plink. Sometimes it worked for me, but most often I just ended up dropping the coins all over the floor!

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